Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. (We’re sure it’s important to you, also.) We maintain a commitment to maintaining your confidentiality and privacy. The purpose of this page is to discuss which personal information of yours we might have access to and what we will or won’t do with it. Much of this information is standard stuff, but it’s irresponsible to not include this data on a website, regardless of the industry or nature of the site.

The most important part of any privacy policy on a website is what the site is going to do with your email address and/or name. Of course, you can protect yourself by not providing your name or email address to a site that you visit, but sometimes you might want to contact the owner of a site or subscribe to updates. In that case, you should read the privacy policy closely. I’ve read nightmarish stories about people who have provided their email address to a legitimate-looking site only to receive hundreds of spam emails within a couple of hours of submitting their information.

Here’s this site’s policy regarding email addresses and names:

We don’t sell, rent, or give your email address or your name to anyone, ever, period, end of story.

We do have a legal caveat. If the government legal requires that we reveal information to them, we will comply with the law. That’s never happened, but it possibly could happen. If it does, the law supersedes our privacy policy. This aspect of our privacy policy will probably never apply to you.

If you write to us with a question, we might use your question as a topic for a future page or article on the site, but in that case, we will not reveal any personally identifiable information.

We do run advertisements on the site. We make no apologies for this. Someone has to pay the server fees, and we also deserve to be compensated for our work, just like anyone else. Part of running advertising is using tracking codes on those ads so that we can see how many clicks we’ve sent our advertisers. This information is stored in a database and includes information like what kind of browser you’re using and what your IP address is. We don’t use this information to keep tabs on individuals. We’re only trying to differentiate one set of activity from other sets of activity.

We also use cookies. These help us to distinguish whether or not a click on an ad was from someone who’s already clicked on that ad previously.

We do not anticipate ever having access to any of your financial information. If you sign up at one of the online cardrooms advertised here, your dealings with them are entirely between you and them. In other words, we don’t have access to your account numbers, your banking information, or anything other than what the site provides us in determining our commissions.

The only personal information we would ever ask from our users would be their email addresses and/or names if they contacted us in an attempt to communicate with us. On rare occasions, you might run into a situation where your phone number is revealed to us, but we would treat that as privately as your email address or name. In other words, we would never sell, rent, or reveal your phone number to anyone except if it were required by law somehow.

Our only goals when obtaining any information from our visitors are to provide better quality service to our site visitors. For example, we track which pages on our site receive the most traffic from search engines. This enables us to plan additional content which will be useful to the most people. We also use that kind of traffic information for data analysis in a general way for marketing purposes.

Unlike many sites, we don’t process any kind of financial transactions with ordinary users of our site. On the other hand, if you’re an advertiser, we will, of course, pay as much attention to your privacy as we would any of our other users. We would only reveal details of advertisers’ information if we were legally compelled to, or if we needed to use such information for payment management or debt collection purposes. We also reserve our right to use information about our advertisers to protect our intellectual property rights. This only applies to advertisers, and frankly, it’s never come up in the past. (We have excellent relationships with the companies with which we do business.)

If at some point in the future we decide to offer newsletters or updates via email, and if you decide to receive such information from us, we’ll limit the content of such updates to news regarding our site and other sites that might interest you. In other words, if you sign up for our newsletter, we might describe (for example) an upcoming poker tournament you might be interested. We would not (for example) send you an email about the benefits of acai berry or similar off-topic information. We use our sole discretion regarding which information might or might not be of interest to any of our subscribers, but you always retain the right to unsubscribe from any of our mailings.

We take confidentiality and privacy issues seriously. We will never knowingly betray your trust. We’ve made a significant investment in both this site and our reputation. We have no desire to damage either.

If you’re uncomfortable with the use of cookies, you have the option of turning them off. Just Google “how to turn off cookies” for information about how to do so.