American poker pro Ted Ely wins Borgata Poker Open $100k Deepstack

The WPT Borgata Poker Open that got underway earlier this month has seen a great deal of action at the tables as players from all over the world compete to take down the munificent guaranteed prizes of all 24 events. The 22nd event of the poker tournament series began yesterday, and by the time the sun began to rise over the Atlantic Ocean, American poker pro Ted Ely emerged victorious. He won the second largest cash of his poker career, $45,755, after eliminating Reggie Lopez in 2nd place.

The WPT Deepstack event kicked off at 11:00am in Atlantic City yesterday as 782 worthy opponents took the tables, posting the $260+$40 entry. The sizeable field drew a massive prize pool of $203,320, more than twice that of the $100,000 that was guaranteed. The hours drew on as one after another, players fell to the rails. At nearly 5:00am on Thursday morning, the final table was formed.

J. Wong came into the final nine as the short stack, and became the first elimination of the table at 4:59, earning $3,747 for his efforts. About half an hour later, Clemenceau Calixto took the 8th place prize of $5,424 when he shoved under the gun, called by Matt Gailums from the cut off. Calixto had the better A-J to start, but Gailums Q-J turned into a full boat of Queens over Kings before it was over.

Another 15 minutes went by before Michael Wong made the same move, shoving under the gun with pocket Jacks. Lopez and Gailums both called, and as it turned out, Lopez also held pocket Jacks. But Gailums was looking down at A-K, and the K-9-2/8/6 sealed the deal. Wong was out in 7th for $7,100, and Lopez was the new small stack at the table. Lopez doubled through Robert Woods, rivering a Flush to stay alive, just moments before Thong Tran’s A-J fell victim to the Q-8 of Ted Ely that turned into two pair on the turn. Tran finished in 6th for $8,875.

Gailums had a substantial lead at that point, more than twice that of the second highest stack, held by Ely. After a short break, Matt Itkin shoved his short stack with just 10-5. Instead of stealing the blinds, he got the call from Lopez, whose pocket Jacks proved fruitful this time around. Itkin was out in 5th for $10,847. Just one hand later, the former chip leader, Robert Woods, was ousted by Lopez with a set of Queens over Woods’ duel Aces. Woods received $13,411 for the 4th place finish.

Three handed play came down to Gailums, Lopez and Ely, but in a matter less than 30 minutes, it was all over. Gailums, who had been in great position for most of the final table, became the first victim, earning $16,271 for the 3rd place finish as Ely went on to swipe the remaining chips from Reggie Lopez in a brief heads-up duel. Lopez would pocket $26,625 for his valiant efforts. Theodore “Ted” Ely earned his first WPT trophy and his second highest career cash of $45,755. The US poker player’s largest cash to date was won at the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event when he finished in 218th place for $48,847.

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