Dan Bilzerian launches 2016 Presidential Campaign, Supports Online Poker

Dan Bilzerian is a lot of things – King of Instagram, inherent millionaire, actor, professional poker player and deserving nominee of the ‘most arrogant man in the world award’ (if ever they create one) – but Presidential material? Yes, he would support the regulation of online poker, but as far as having any other commendable qualities, it’s hard to find many positives to speak of.

Dan Bilzerian running for President in 2016His most famous title, the King of Instagram, was earned by Dan Bilzerian a few years ago when the irresponsible millionaire became famous for posting pictures of himself with numerous scantily clad (and irrefutably gorgeous) women. He since appeared in several movies, starting out as a stuntman in the 2013 film Olympus has Fallen.

Bilzerian has never been left wanting for money. The son of an Armenian Wall Street raider, he and his brothers had enormous trust funds set up for them. Over the years, the Florida born poker pro hasn’t exactly shown responsibility in spending that money, though, and now Dan Bilzerian wants us to trust his judgement as President of the United States?

What Advantages would Dan Bilzerian Bring to the Table?

From an online poker player’s perspective, there is one great advantage to supporting Dan Bilzerian as the USA’s 45th President. The most obvious benefit would be his love for the game of poker.

The inherent millionaire has been playing poker for years, especially at high stakes cash games. His only recorded live tournament cash came in the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event, where he was featured at 6 televised tables throughout the tournament and finished in 180th place for $36,626.

Perhaps more importantly is Dan Bilzerian’s devotion to the game of online poker. He was the co-founder of internet poker site Victory Poker, which existed from February 2010 to March 2011, right before Black Friday struck.

Suffice to say, if Dan Bilzerian were the President of the United States, he would have little trouble getting federal legislation passed to legalize and regulate online poker.

Those who support the right to bear arms might also be interested in Bilzerian’s candidacy. He proudly owns at least a 100 of them, and would most certainly work to make sure Americans have the right to do the same.

He does have some military background, but whether his brief experience would actually help is campaign is questionable. According to sofrep.com, Dan Bilzerian entered the Navy SEAL training program in 2000. However, he didn’t last long, eventually being kicked out of the program “for a safety violation on the shooting range”.

His bold presence and perpetual willingness to express himself without mincing words would relay to the voting public exactly how he feels about various political issues. Whether voters agree with those opinions is yet to be seen, but his matter of fact speech would be a refreshing change in the political arena.

As for his 2016 Presidential campaign ads, if the image depicting a topless Dan Bilzerian riding a tortoise, toting a M134 Airsoft Machine Gun and pulling an inflatable river raft of bikini-clad women ashore (shown above) isn’t outrageous enough to get your attention, you’ll surely enjoy the ridiculous 16-second video campaign that appeared on Youtube July 3, 2015 (watch below).


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