WSOP Forum added to Customer Support options for NV, NJ Online Poker Players

For years, members of major online poker sites have turned to the TwoPlusTwo (2+2) forums to seek a solution to whatever relative problem they may be experiencing. Members of in Nevada and New Jersey will now find a more direct line of support from the new WSOP Forum launched by the US-regulated online poker sites.

The WSOP Forum was designed to replace the existing sponsored forum on 2+2. Members of the online poker room will find the new support forums moderated by Bill Rini, using the same moniker as his 2+2 account, WSOPBill. Rini is the Manager of Poker Operations for
WSOP Forum
Along with the operator’s multitude of online poker players, participants in the World Series of Poker will also find the WSOP Forum useful. The most viewed discussion topics at present deal with information regarding the 2015 WSOP, including cash games stakes, events schedule, instructions for wiring money and preregistering for events.

There are also individual discussions listed for contacting support at WSOP NV and WSOP NJ, direct download links for each state’s online poker software, and information regarding mobile poker apps from within each region. Monthly promotional offerings per state have been included as well.

WSOP Forum hopes to Resolve Customer Support Complaints

It’s worth noting that, since first launched in Nevada in September of 2013, followed by WSOP NJ in November of that same year, one of the most common complaints from users has related to customer support. Granted, the initial launch of regulated online poker in both states came with numerous technical glitches that players needed resolved, but a lack of understanding the issues brought up by players, and painfully slow responsiveness to such inquiries, plagued the markets.

The addition of a WSOP Forum should greatly help in expediting the response time, as well as giving users a better faculty to explain their issues. The traditional help-ticket methodology of customer support simply doesn’t provide players with the same opportunities when trying to explain a complicated and unique problem. By broadcasting issues publically, other users who may be experiencing similar problems can also be helped at the same time.

WSOP Forum Announcement

The WSOP Forum has been open for the last two weeks, but it wasn’t until yesterday that Rini announced its introduction on via 2+2. In a thread titled ‘UPDATE: Support Forum – Please Read’, WSOPBill wrote, “Over the next few weeks we’ll be transitioning forum type support from 2p2 to”

He explained that the decision was based on a need for “centralizing our support communications in one place”. With so many social media outlets available today, Rini said the creation of a WSOP Forum is “the most effective and efficient model” for assisting their players.

“For the last 1.5 or so years we’ve been providing general support mainly here but it has become obvious to us that players consume information from a variety of different sources and that rather than trying to be everywhere it makes more sense to be in the place where the greatest number of players were familiar with our brand.”

WSOPBill went on to say that the dedicated Forum on 2+2 will remain active, but that the support staff “will be mostly focusing on supporting players/issues raised on the new forum site.” Players were asked to please direct all “specific questions, concerns, or comments about” to the new WSOP Forum.

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