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CA Tracks Respond to Pechanga; PokerStars launches ‘Let California Play’ Pro Tour

The online poker saga in California continues this week. To regulate, or not to regulate? To allow bad actors / tainted assets / race tracks to participate? These are the questions, and although everyone seems to have an answer, very

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CA Online Poker Bill AB 431 Approved by Appropriations Committee

CA online poker bill AB 431, introduced in February by Assemblyman Adam Gray, has picked up a lot of speed in recent week. After receiving approval from the GO Committee in late April, the Assembly Appropriations Committee followed suit yesterday

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Two Tribes call for “Open Mind” to get California iPoker Bill Passed in 2015

The debate over California iPoker regulation has been ongoing for 7 years now. Throughout all that time, influential tribes have failed to agree on several key factors within possible legislation. Now, it seems the only thing they can agree on

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California iPoker Hearing on Gray’s AB 431 Rescheduled for April 27

Ever since the ominous Black Friday of 2011, California iPoker fans have been eagerly awaiting the day in which state legislators elect to pass an online poker bill. Yesterday should have marked the first of four hearings to debate the

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Legislators schedule 4 Hearings to Review Online Poker Regulation in California

For the last seven years, California has debated the need for online poker regulation. Bill after bill was introduced, but none succeeded far enough to even receive a vote. It’s now apparent that legislatures are at least taking the issue

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California Tribes say PokerStars involvement worthy tradeoff for Racetrack exclusion

For years now, passage of an online poker bill in California has been stalled by disagreements among tribes, card rooms, racetracks and legislators on how the market should be regulated. In particular, the tribes, of which there are more than

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6 California Tribes sign letter opposing Jones-Sawyer internet poker bill AB 167

Online poker fans in California have been asking themselves for years now if an internet poker bill will ever make it to the desk of Governor Jerry Brown. In this legislative period alone, four such measures have been introduced since

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New study predicts Online Poker in Pennsylvania by 2017

Online poker fans in the 47 of the 50 United States – all but Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey – have heard enough rumors and speculations as to if and when their home state might jump aboard the nascent iGaming

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Is Online Poker Legal in California?

California is the third largest state in the US, but by far the most populated with approximately 38,340,000 (est. 2013) residents. It was a molten hotbed of online poker activity before the result of Black Friday in 2011, and while

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